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Archipelago Mixtape
Hordaland Kunstsenter
Bergen, Norway

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Orange time
in Utica
graying and petrified
the peach of the sky reflected back
in ridges of brown ice
the roadside
expressing something
cosmic and exhausted
or its just an accidental fuchsia
you caught on the arterial
between phone chimes
and a piercing change in volume
attention caught
between methodical drawl
of WRCU and peach blot
I catch my reflection
in the repeating darkened windows
of a passing bus

vague economic promise
in barely concealed contempt
we, transactions
a currency of Story
numinous story
a fading but unbroken line
imagining the shops
with swashed signs
and the asylum
that gave us
the Utica Crib
a human cage

All coached along
by expressions
of faint promise
lithium powered
Wellbutrin, Lexapro
past industry
into the arms of growth
economy, economy II
economy deferred
and here
one foot hanging off a ladder

outside the modest city
there’s landscape

faint peach
and late frost