These Mysteries

The light through the window
and porous vinyl sticker
the way someone buys those pickles in bags
or what I thought was soda ash
sprayed like a paint ball
across three lanes
and the jersey wall

There are things to look at
beyond agitation
beyond the appearance of the trees
or a mirrored pond
I just haven’t seen them out here

My subject is
the light on my face
and the shadows
the reflections in waters through a slatted gate
partial and abstracted get it?
but also the way that makes me feel

My mind is the weight
of foamed milk
so I wrote
it down
an emergency poppet
I’ll make on the fly
in the perfect likeness of this
tiny melancholic

“Go where I send you”

like this,

In the end
the zodiac answers all
our questions


Written for the show By the Bearer in Whose Name it is Issued, Centre for Style, Melbourne, 2015