Saddling No

Being, a great haze of potentials that winds always towards what was
a fixed course we can fairly call disappointment.

Optimism, a refusal-- refusing all but yes-- echoes through the canyon.
Like this: no no no no

Allowing for the locomotion of no, more horse than buggy, means a careful diet, tending no with no.
More mantra than recipe, with no certain results.

But there's a saddle, and we've already called it a horse.

So run only on no, trace a winding course, like a sentence, or another path, ending with a period, an unassuming marker, a cairn, a post,
a small and resounding yes.

This can be your mantra, the sound of our horse walking:

              No     no   no
                  no     no

from Monsters & Dust #4