All Conditions, Rutgers Thesis Exhibition
with paintings by Hiroka Yamashita
New Brunswick, New Jersey 2019

Total Design (Insect Hotel), wood, oak galls from KY and CA, can, yogurt container, cardboard, reeds

How much do our Natural necessities abase us, excerpt from the diary of Cotton Mather July 1700, vinyl

Out Here in the 5G Network, carved wood

White Wheat Gluten Glue, bread, 20 x 30 in.

Aramid Strength (After fiber optic cable), ABS pipe, polymer clay canes

Microcomputer Accessories Inc., blow mold plastic computer desks manufactured by Microcomputer Accessories Inc in Venice CA,
acquired by Rubbermaid in 1986. Cut at 6.5" intervals

Demos, cork, wire, paper

Greeblescape, urethane, foamcore, coroplast, wood, MDF, matte board

Strip Mall (After Mission San Juan Capistrano), urethane, steel, matte board, coroplast

Disagreeable Body, silicone, paprika, turmeric, cilantro, oats, coriander, foamcore, paper, wood, wire, urethane, photo collage