Dilbert's Moon

August 16 - September 14, 2014
Important Projects, Oakland CA

We hear the music over water
same as anyone
music over water where melody
comes orphaned
louie louie comes rolling out
and an interior life opens
a curtain reveal
opening on the drop ceiling heart
lit like miniature
like the miniature plastic trees
engineered like Alice's hair

We're beckoned
beckoned by a confused freedom
beckoned by the rhizomatic sneaker
beckoned by the feeling in our shorts
at pansexual tin man Hugo Ball
by all the anatomy
but especially the throat

Along the causeway
along planks over water
Finchbert stares us down
long enough for us to forget the unnerving feeling
Finchbert watches us check our phones
with eyes of comic intensity
watches us forget the unnerving feeling
of Finchbert watching

Over by the reeds
and always crouching
the eponymous loser
we cannot forgive him introspection
or reckon the broad feelings opening
opening like a baby's little hand

under Dilbert's moon
the days are dwarfed
dwarfed by whatever feelings
bloom in navy light

The eponymous loser
in habit of yearning
yearning for something
remembering an ambiguous good
remembering shrugging off something like an ambiguous good
remembering something now crucial
crucial as the dumb oak we lean against
the sentinel dumb oak
sentinel to whatever happens
here where nothing happens

And on surveying our loser
in the reeds crouching
and we surveyors
with clipped attentions
avoiding effort of feeling
avoiding and in so mistaking
mistaking empathy for pity
and so looking instead
at the moon reflected back
in our lacquered fingernails
reflected back in repeat

Finchbert comes back
perches again to stare at our fidgeting
then swoops off to eat seeds
swooping off while we wait politely nursing pity
with healthy self regard and pity
wondering how long we politely have to wait

On looking back
in the reeds
it’s clear
nothing will happen
or nothing we'll see
nothing can happen that we might see
or nothing can happen that we should see

Inside are the turbulences
inside where the turbulences go under cover
under cover of distractions
like the light on the water
and our impulse to boredom
our boredom and the water
our boredom and the water and our mistaken feeling
our boredom and the water and our closet dread
the closet dread that draws out like the vegetal air
draws out like louie louie over water
our dread, our boredom, and the water, and the music
over water

full of longing
we all full of longing
so useful in introspective moments by the water
during nights that won’t end